Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

My world is filled with these amazing gifts:

- sunlight dappling the lawn this morning

- patio pots of flowers finally going out onto the grass

- clean clothes waiting on the racks

- the fragrance and color of a bouquet of lilacs on the kitchen table

- watching the grade six students gather to go camping

- remembering the excitement of my own kids as they headed off on the grade 6 year-end trip

- melted cheese on toast

- white and green

- watching struggling readers make great gains

- an unexpected and very pleasant visit from our niece and her husband

- Cheeseburger Pie - a new recipe

- planting more seeds

- sufficient postage on envelopes

- iced tea

- tiny potato leaves poking through the ground

- birthday celebrations

- granddaughters - no matter whose they are!

- phone calls from loved ones

- a forecast with warmer temperatures

- blossoms forming on raspberry bushes

- the full life with which I have been blessed

- realizing that God sends me messages through everything that I read

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