Thursday, April 10, 2008


My reflections this week are made on the day after my birthday - such a good time to think back and give thanks. My list of gratefulness:

1. The One who gave me life, continues to sustain, supports and loves me beyond anything I can ever imagine. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for another full year of living and all the goodness that you shower on me every day.

2. Good health - I really have no health issues at all and I am so grateful to be well, energetic and capable.

3. Quiet time to do the things I love - read, study, sew, work with pictures, scrapbook.

4. Lunch at the Eco Cafe' with Naomi and Meadow yesterday. I had a delicious Portabello Mushroom Panini Sandwich and Saskatoon Plum Pie for dessert. We had a lovely time together.

5. New books to read - I got some for my birthday and a box from Amazon also arrived today.

6. Bright new plates and a table runner to use every day. Thanks, E!

7. Birthday wishes and treats from so many special people. I really am blessed!

8. Birthday celebrations with famiy. My aunt has a tradition of inviting us for a birthday dinner - it's always such a nice treat!


  1. Happy (late) Birthday Crystal. Glad it was a good one. Many, many more is my wish for you.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good week and enjoyed getting spoiled a bit for your birthday (especially since you are so good at doing it for everyone else)! I love the photo of the dishes!

  3. The plates are gorgeous Crystal, Lucky you! Hope you enjoyed your day. We are anxiously waiting for Baby #3's arrival any day now. Have a super day!

  4. Happy belated birthday!!