Friday, April 11, 2008


Naomi had to go pick up her new glasses at Costco yesterday so I tagged along. I thought I might be able to help her a bit with Meadow. It was a lot of fun and a very busy time!! I know I've forgotten alot of what it was like having 4 little ones and today confirmed that for me. Meadow is so energetic and is becoming quite a talker. It was non-stop chatter all the way to the city. We ordered some pictures at Costco (I'm going to scrapbook with my sister next week - yeah!!), looked at this awesome playhouse they are selling, went to the children's store (found the cutest little girl hair clips), and then headed to the mall for lunch. Naomi did some shopping for herself while we cruised around in the stroller and then we picked up our pictures and headed home. I had to have a nap after supper - I was kind of tired :)) And Naomi had to go home, make supper, and continue her day with an active toddler! I like being the gramma now!!!!

My camera stayed in my bag - in the car!! - the whole time so I only have these precious memories of our day together. Meadow doing things like:
- hiding between and under the clothes racks at Baby Gap

Aren't these the sweetest little girl clothes? There were lots more!!
- smiling at herself in the mirror in the change room while she tried on hats and jackets
- sitting on the pony ride in the mall (one of those that you put coins in to get it to move but we just pretended today)
- leaning up beside the fountain in the center court - and really wanting to get in the water!
- drinking V-8 juice - nearly the whole can in just a few minutes
- filling the basket with many pairs of shoes at Once Upon a Child
- wanting to get up into the playhouse (it was mounted on a stand about 5' up
- noticing all the babies in strollers wherever we went (I noticed that and all the seniors that shop in the middle of the day!)
- peeling stickers off the sheet and pasting them all over her dolly
- calling "Gramma, Gramma, Gramma" - she can melt my heart in an instant!

It was a very good day! I am SO lucky to be able to spend all these days with my daughters and their daughters.


  1. What a great day! There's so much to remember about the special days you have together. Those clothes are so cute. I love the top they have it in adult sizes? Can't wait to come home and join you. Love you!

  2. esther9:37 AM

    Fun day. I remember doing this with my Mom when Jill was little. I also remember doing it with you and 3 of your kids. (at Army and Navy for my grad dress!)

  3. What a fun time you had! And yes, you and I will be meeting one of these days. I know we will!

  4. Hey, Bella has the top shirt! That is sooo funny! Great taste in clothing there! hee hee Shopping is fun with little ones. I have always enjoyed it. But then again, my kids are angels when we are out in public. I trained them young - they are phenomenal shoppers now!!

  5. Those are DARLING shirts! LOVE them!