Monday, April 07, 2008

Just Us Again

We've had a marvelous week as Heather and Helayna stayed with us for most of it. Jonathan needed some time to work on a course that he is teaching the first week of May so they cleared out of their house for a bit. Helayna is an early morning person and is busy every moment so all 3 of us were kept busy. Tomorrow I'll tell you why I have such awesome pictures on the blog today. Total, happy surprise!!


  1. Great photos! I wonder what that little surprise could be? ;) How fun to spend a whole week with the girls. I bet it was hard to say good-bye.

  2. Precious family. I'm curious now!!!

  3. I am sooooo glad we could come and visit you for so long! It was such a treat! We miss you already! Hope you are having a great day and that you enjoyed sleeping in!

  4. So WHY MAKE US WAIT?????? You know I am not famed for my patience! My oldest son and his wife are flying to Hong Kong as I speak...... You and I know all about travleling families, don't we!!

  5. DARLING shots! Love them all! xoxo