Tuesday, April 08, 2008

South American Highlights #6

Luis Eduardo Meghalles (named after the state governor's son who died in his 40's before he could become the governor) is a frontier farming town. It's a busy place with trucks, bikes and pedestrians on the streets. This town was our base for the 3 days we stayed here.

This beautiful church was one of the most colorful that we saw. It had murals painted inside on the walls and nightly services at 7 p.m..

This type of grilled meat is popular in South America and nearly every restaurant serves some variation or it. It was very cool to watch the chef cut the meat off the spit and serve it with his big sharp knife. Grilled meat is only salted (generously!) and grilled. They think spices and sauces will spoil the taste of the meat.

One of the local grain companies.

Machinery dealerships, just like at home!

People here are so innovative! I have no idea what he was hauling in the trailer but we saw him several times.

There are no railroads in this part of the country so all goods are moved by truck - and there are lots of them on the roads!

Everytime we drove down the highway we passed these 2 trucks, sitting on the side of the road. I love the bright green melons and the contrast they give to the dusty road scene.

Horn blowing at supper one night. Ed tried very hard to master it!

This was the only skyscraper in town! I like the dark sky with light focussed on the building. I have no idea how I got those reflections in the clouds - I think it was something from inside that shone onto the bus window! Tomorrow we'll go out to visit some farms in this area. Stay tuned - they were interesting!


  1. YOU DIDN'T TELL US IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (Or did I just miss it somehow?)

    Happy Birthday, Crystal, even though I am a day late! I hope you had a beautiful, happy day.

  2. How big was this place? It looks quite dry and dusty here or am I just getting that from the photos. I love the guy waving at you from his truck. You always do a great job of capturing people in the everyday.

  3. More AMAZING shots...WOW! Love the story behind each one too...so great! Thank you! xoxo