Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today. . .

at our house:
- we started the fireplace as soon as we got up and it's been burning, merry and bright, all day
- the Cocktail Sausages and "Lord of the Wings" are ready for Christmas and waiting in the deep freeze
- Focaccia Bread turned out very nicely
- Brownies are cooling on the counter
- popcorn and nuts are waiting for their sauce so they can become Poppycock (my heritage recipe)
- we had this yummy Better Butter Chicken, using Heather's recipe, for supper
- Josh Groban's Noel CD played over and over about 4 or 5 times, I think!
- the pool table downstairs is covered with presents, waiting for their wrappings
- and lest you think everything's perfect here - I burned a whole cookie sheet full of almonds that I was toasting in the oven. Man, I hate when I forget about something in the oven!
- it was a lovely, cozy, getting-ready-for-Christmas day!! I hope you have lots of those in the 3 weeks ahead :))


  1. Tyler's dreaming about your poppycock. I looked for some ingredients here, but can't find all I need. Hopefully I can bring a batch or two back for him in January. I'm glad you had a "getting ready for Christmas" kind of day. It definitely gets you excited for the holidays. I need to make a few things for special people here before we leave. Two weeks from tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    May I come to your place, Crystal? It sounds wonderful!

    This weekend I'm hoping to bake some cookies...we've had the fire going for a few weeks now (pellet stove), and the Christmas music began with the first snow just before Thanksgiving. And the tree went up last weekend. We're slowly getting ready for the holiday!


  3. I am coming too. I will stay for a LONG while. What a lovely day you have had, Crystal!

  4. Sounds like such a great day!!!! I wish we had a fireplace to warm up in front of! It is sooooo cold here! Brrrr! I sewed some new wheatbags the other day so those are helping me stay warm.