Monday, November 26, 2007

Granddaughter Goodness

I've had some good times with Helayna and Meadow over the past few weeks! Playing with these two is one of the best things about this time off from work. We find all kinds of fun things to do together!!

Heather was using this pepper to make pizza but first Helayna carried it around and tried to chew a hole in it. It was pretty hard to do as she still only has 2 teeth. I think there are a few more just on the verge of popping through.

She is walking all over the place now! I know this isn't the best picture in the world but she goes so fast, I couldn't get a better one. Her little arms are usually out to the side for extra balance. This was just after she took the pepper to Heather in the kitchen and she was so proud of herself!

Hanging out, waiting for Gramma to get ready to go outside.

The two of us went to Walmart for a little while and checked out all the kids toys. We hugged the stuffed animals and dolls and pushed every sound button on the play phones and animal sets. Helayna was so good, smiling and pointing at all the fun stuff and 'talking' to the other kids. We had one toy cell phone in the cart for most of the ride but we put it away instead of buying it. We did come home with some cute pink suede winter boots (they look like little workboots but are so girly!). This picture is for Auntie Mel - "see how the hat you sent from Poland fits me? It's pretty nice!!"

Then last week while Mommy and Daddy had a date night and went to the Oilers hockey game, Meadow and I started some Christmas baking and made gingersnaps. Licking the spatula was great fun!!! She was wearing her hockey t-shirt in honour of the game :))

She is getting to be quite the pro at climbing up on chairs these days.

Enjoying bath time with beloved rubber ducky.

We had to haul some wood to replenish the pile just outside the door so we loaded up the wagon. The wagon is so long that none of these pieces were actually touching Meadow - it just looks like she's squished in there!!


  1. Thanks for the update. I love that little hat on Helayna. It looks like you're having so much fun, Gramma. Meadow's growing so much. Great shirt she's wearing, too. I'm sure Na & Jerry enjoyed the date night. Hopefully the Oilers won.

  2. You've got adorable little granddaughters!!

  3. Hi Crystal,
    As I was reading this, I was remembering my own grand's sweet baby days. It would have been wonderful to have a blog for remembering all those very special everyday moments that capture their sweetness.

  4. Your little granddaughters are soooo cute. It looks like you have a great time with them.

  5. They are both so adorable!! Love it!!

  6. SO sweet, Crystal!

  7. Crystal, you absolutely must have the most beautiful little granddaughters! They are so cute and you have some fantastic photos of them here! smiles...