Monday, November 26, 2007


1. Fires in the fireplace - it's so cold here now that just the sight of the flames and the crackling warm me up.

2. Vacation pictures and the memories they bring back.

3. Internet service and all the things that can be accomplished with the click of a mouse. Melinda is coming home in the new year for a visit and we got her ticket reserved today.

4. Time to enjoy our sweet granddaughters. They are such little people with personalities already. I'm so glad I get to enjoy them regularly.

5. Christmas shopping - finding just the right thing for the special people in my life.

6. Christmas cookies and the whole process of baking. Creating in my kitchen is a happy job for me.

7. Finishing things that have been on the back burner for a long time. What a great feeling!

8. Clean countertops - why do they never last very long?!!


  1. You'd like it here. We got a few more inches of the white stuff last night and I can still see flakes falling this morning. I keep thinking about sitting by the fireplace at your place with a cup of tea and a great book. I can't wait to come home. 18 days until we leave!!!

  2. Such a lovely list, Crystal! Great news that your daughter is coming for a visit! The other thing we always did was to make sure we bought or made enough Christmas decorations for each of us to have the same new one to hang on the tree. Small and light and easy to post, and now we do that with my daughter too. I forgot to mention that she is the 3rd in the Advent candle lighting in NZ! And every year since they were born, I have made an extra decoration to go in the children's box of decorations to take when they started up their own homes. Memories to take with them. They love that.

  3. I wish we had a fireplace here today! It's chilly outside!
    I'm enjoying those cookies SO much (even though Jonathan thought they were for him and took them to work yesterday :( ). I'm still debating what we should do for decorating this year....