Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Photography Wednesday

I'm taking an online photography class so our first assignment was to work with indoor light. I took these pictures of our granddaughters over the last week. They are such easy subject to photograph - and both houses have pretty good lighting (unlike our house!). I used to post pictures on Photography Tuesday - maybe I should concentrate on some techniques again - um, something to think about.

We found some fresh raspberries at Safeway and Helayna loved them! She'd put one in her mouth, pucker up her lips and make a face because they were kind of sour - and then reach for another one!!

Having lunch with Daddy while Mommy was busy creating. Gramma washed dishes, played, cooked, played, and created just a little!

Miss Busy taking Bunny and Dolly for a stroll around the house. In two months Meadow's really improved her steering even though she can barely see above the handle!

I caught her in a rare quiet moment! She loves this little rocking chair that was used by Jerry's family when they were little.


  1. These are great! I love seeing the girls in their everyday lives. I can't wait to see Meadow driving her stroller around the house. I'm glad you have lots of time to spend with them this year.

  2. Those are great!

  3. Awesome photos! I love the top one of H!