Saturday, March 03, 2007

What's in your 'cupboard'?

"Everyone has a cupboard full of food memories that evoke a sense of family and home. We call them our comfort foods." Johanna Burkhard in Canadian Living, Feb. 07

In my cupboard:
- Shepherd's Pie
- Chicken Cacciatorie
- Swiss Steak
- Roast Chicken
- Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots
- Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
- 24 Hour Salad
- fresh baked buns
- perogies
- cabbage rolls
- my mom's pies
- Gramma's doughnuts
- Fiddle Diddle Cookies
- Pinwheel Cookies (only made at Christmas time)

So, tell me what's in your 'cupboard'?


  1. I think of few of these goodies would be on my list, too. I am curious about what kind of memories these items trigger for you. You'll have to do a layout describing the memories with the foods.

  2. very cool! one of mine is definitely homemade waffles with whip cream and fruit!

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Ohhh, my cupboard - home made sauce; gnocchi and pizza - all from my Nonna's kitchen!! There was nothing better than coming home and walking through the door to smell that pizza!! Sigh.... Thanks Crystal for that stroll down memory lane!!