Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Goodness

It snowed nearly all day here - big white wet flakes that covered the ground but melted relatively quickly. Just enough to make it messier than it already was! So I figured it was time to break out some spring time blossoms - flowers always make me feel better! I have some gorgeous yellow-tipped orange tulips on my kitchen table - a whole lot of goodness in a vase.

So let's take a little tour to Vancouver----

Wouldn't this look nice on the sidewalk in front of your house?!

What long stems these beauties have!

Branches of pink

I have the perfect spot in our home for one of these!

Building a bouquet - so much goodness!


  1. I definitely agree that flowers brighten us up, even on the most dismal of days. I bought orange tulips the other day at the market. The flower shops are all a buzz with customers, and I'm starting to see new arrivals, like daffodils; even the crocuses are starting to spring up in our yard. At least spring is the air, even if not in Alberta you know it's started elsewhere, so you can't be far behind.

  2. Oh this post puts a smile on my face, I think I need to make a trip to the markets and brighten up my home. I am not much of a gardener, my Mom's green thumb did not get passed on to me, but I love the smell of fresh flowers in the house!!! I can go buy a bunch that is for sure!!!

  3. How lovely do those flowers look. Love the spring season and all that it signifies. Great post and thanks for the great thoughts.

  4. so pretty! jonathan bought me a bunch of tulips a couple weeks ago!

  5. Gosh I love looking at these pictures. There is something so fun about buying your flowers at an outdoor market!