Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Projects

So it's the weekend before report cards go home from school - the dreaded weekend of getting it altogether and into the right column. Yeah - one of those "have to get it done" days. So ---- so far today I have:
- read 100 pages in "The Time Traveller's Wife" - it's really in the good part now, of course!
- played with Meadow who came for a visit before going to see her Daddy at the basketball tournament where his school team is playing
- made eggs-in-a-frame for breakfast
- read Canadian Living Magazine
- set a batch of honey wheat buns in the bread maker
- put some laundry in the washer
- checked what my blogging friends are up to
- collected the garbage
- downloaded the camera
- done a bunch of snacking

Yeah - my middle name is "Procrastination"!
Seriously, I have to get to work!


  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Shame shame!! hee hee Hey, sometimes you just have to procrastinate. Sometimes... Although, my sister got all her report cards done last weekend (all 32 of them) - she is two weeks ahead of schedule!! She rocks. She learned that from me!! hee hee Okay, now get to work!!


  2. LOL! It's one of those 'have-to's' but 'don't-want-to's', hey?! I hope you get them done soon! Then it will be time to do the taxes. Hopefully you can fit some scrapbooking time in between those things!