Monday, March 19, 2007

Our Farm

On my little foray outside on Saturday afternoon, I had some fun snapping everyday pictures of our farm. We've always had cattle, dairy cows for 25 years and now for the last 5 years, beef cattle. The animals have been such a big part of the farm but I don't have very many pictures of that part of our lives! Bob had just fed them so they were more interested in food than a photographer.

At the southeast corner of our home property, there is an artesian well and this old, old willow tree grows beside the spring. The sun was right behind the tree when I took this - kind of a cool effect, I think. See my little 'fun machine' at the side?!!

These are absolutely the biggest daffodils I have ever seen! They opened up to be so big and beautiful - I think each one would fill a teacup! On such a cold, windy and gloomy day, they radiate springtime and sunnier days ahead.


  1. The memories of the farm and the years spent there can be refreshed by one picture. I'm glad you took some and have them to help us remember life on the farm, but also to share with our kids one day. I know some days I hated having to do chores, but now I think about how much it taught me and how it opened up doors for us. Spring is around the corner, even on the miserable, gloomy days. Spring is coming, but today we had another snowfall. I guess we'll have to wait a little longer, too.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    That tree is amazing!! And the flowers look gorgeous! The cows, eh, I can do without... As well as practically any other animal that is ususally found on a farm... And the smells... And the muck... hee hee I am SOOOOO a city girl!! And whenever I go back to Italy, my family takes great pride in teasing me about having to be on the farm with them.


  3. Great photos - I'm glad you took them, they capture such a big part of your life!

  4. I love the picture of the tree. I clicked to enlarge it and the effects of the sun were beautiful, as you said.