Sunday, March 25, 2007

Get Your Sunglasses

Today was the first chance we've had to see this special couple since they announced their engagement more than a month ago. They are so in love! I heard Tyneille say at least 4 times how lucky she is to have Ian in her life - those are such good thoughts to hear! We are so delighted that you have found each other and we wish you happiness and peace always. Good luck with the house upgrades and moving!

Our niece, Tyneille and her fiance' Ian. Their wedding date is September 29th.

The Rocks - 3 diamonds in a row but this picture does not do them justice. They are so brilliant it almost blinds you - according to one of the aunts!(Which is why you might need your sunglasses!) That'll teach me for taking only one shot and not focusing on the actual ring! Sorry, Tyneille - I'll redo this shot the next time I see you. I know I can do better!


  1. Nice rocks, Tyneille. I'm so glad you got to see them, and the ring. It will be an exciting next few months as they get everything planned. Time just flies by. I remember us playing together on the farm, feeding calves together, and opening Christmas presents at Grandma and Grandpa's place. Now we're all growing up. Wow!

  2. what a beautiful couple!! so great to see people so happy together!!

    About the picture you need help with - just send it over to me by email and let me know what you need! No problem! :)(PM me on a forum somewhere if you need my email).