Saturday, March 31, 2007


Helayna, Heather and Jonathan was a great way to spend part of spring break! Helayna has changed so much since we saw her on Family Day. She is so happy and content and loves to interact now, generously sharing smiles and baby sounds. I love her happy murmurings and cooing. I really could have stayed a whole lot longer instead of coming home to think about school again!!

Jonathan's parents sent this Jolly Jumper to Helayna and right from the start, she totally got the idea and loved the bouncing. She wore a great big grin and we got lots of good pictures.

Isn't this just a look of pure happiness?!! I'm so glad she has this to enjoy now.

This girl can get some serious air already! She is like a mini-perpetual motion machine!

We learned to play "Pat-a-cakes" and I got the best smiles ever!

"Miss Cool"

The new sunglasses came in handy when we walked to the park and went for rides on the swing. She didn't once try to take them off. That cute bear suit from Auntie Kelsey is perfect for this spring weather.

After bathtime, Helayna loved playing peek-a-boo with Daddy. I have always loved cuddling little ones after their baths - this simple act brings back lots of memories for me!


  1. Heleyna is one of the cutest little babies. Thanks for sharing and I am glad you had a good week. Before you know it, it will be summer and off again you'll go!

  2. Ah, Mom these pictures are so great. I'm just grinning and giggling looking at Helayna smiling, enjoying the jolly jumper and hanging out with Grandma. I'm so glad you went down to spend a few days with them. Thanks for sharing. It helps with the longing to be there and wanting to see family. Love you.

  3. Anonymous2:55 PM

    She is growing so fast!! And oh my gosh, how CUTE those pics in the jolly jumper!! Why is it that all children just love that thing... Funny.


  4. We are so glad you were able to come and spend some time with us (especially letting me sleep!!!!). I wish it could have been longer too! Helayna is just loving the jolly jumper - it's so entertaining for us too! She's napped twice in her crib just fine today! YAY! Thanks for bringing those things down.
    Enjoy your last day off!

  5. esther9:26 AM

    Wow - this babe has grown up! In these pictures she looks like Jonathan - yes? I'm so glad you you went to play with her!

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful visit. Love looking at all the photos. Helayna is just too sweet and love the way she looks in her uber cool glasses.

  7. Heleyna is so georgous! sp? (I hate posting 'cause I am always sure that I have spelt/spelled something wrong, or am using improper grammar.) lol
    I love looking at her pictures, she has so much personality!