Saturday, March 24, 2007

Starting Spring Break

We had supper with Naomi and Jerry last night and that meant we got to play with Meadow! I was very tired - it's been a long month at school but this visit was perfect for a Friday night. Thanks for having us, guys!

It just melts my heart when little Miss Independence wants to cuddle!

Practicing how to walk keeps her so very busy! Back and forth with just one finger to hang on to!

Even though she wasn't feeling very good, she cuddled as beautifully as ever!

The talking Bell beavers are her favorite commercial! Jerry says she stops everything just to watch them and cries if you try to take her out of the room while they are on!!


  1. I love them!!! Those pjs are so cute. Look at her trying to walk, just hanging on to that finger desperately wanting to do it by herself. It must be those older cousins of hers encouraging her. I'm glad you went over and enjoyed some time with them. She's going to be a sports fan for sure thanks to those parents of hers.

  2. what a cute photo of you and Meadow - she sure does love her gramma!

  3. Meadow is a pretty cute little girl!!

    Regarding the duet that was on my blog, the recording of Josh Groban and Charlotte Church singing "The Prayer" is on her CD entitled Enchantment and it's also on his CD called Josh Groban.

  4. She's getting so big!! What a cutie.