Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday Scenes

It was a cloudy, drizzly day in Vancouver today so we hopped on the Skytrain and rode it to the end of the line. It was a fun, crazy thing to do but a cool way to see a glimpse of the city. This was a suggestion from Stacey Julian's U R Cre8ive class last year - and for the second time (the first was in Taiwan), we rode the rails. I think we might add this to our list of must-dos in every city that we visit, like Tyler and Mel. I'll tell you what we did this morning in another post.

Telus Science Centre - I remember when this was a pavilion at Expo 86!

Skytrain bridge

And for supper tonight, we went with our dear friends, Paul and Kim, to the Senafir restaurant and had the most delicious supper ever. It was a cross of Moroccan, Mediterranean and Indian foods served as tapenades. We chose the meat for each course and then it came prepared in 3 different ways and was served in little dishes on a board. My favorite was the prawns - in phyllo pastry, in a rice wrap with ginger vinaigrette, and with a curry type sauce. The desserts were amazing too - an assortment which included baklava, poached pear with gorgonzola cream, a chocolate tart, some pastry stacks, and a green apple tart served with pistachio ice cream and a kumquat crown. It was all just amazing!!!


  1. Well now, would you look at that... a little piece of my own backyard. I had no idea you were coming to Vancouver... I am sad that I missed you, but from the sounds of it you had a very full weekend any ways. Dinner sounds amazing, and glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Now wasn't Sat. absolutely beautiful here, I sat outside the library in the afternoon enjoying the rays. Ahhh spring is almost here!!!!

  2. esther10:17 AM

    +10 and green - wish I could be there for at least my walk today! Can't wait to hear all about your weekend (and the seminar!)

  3. The restaurant sounds awesome, and so do the dishes you described. It made my mouth water. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Vancouver, not only the conference, but exploring, too. I'm glad you "rode the rails." How did they compare with the MRT?