Sunday, February 04, 2007

Afternoons in the Kitchen

Here's what I created in 2 hours in the kitchen! From the front are Elvis Cupcakes, Lemon Coconut Cupcakes, Rich Chocolate Cupcakes and Raisin Spice Cupcakes. They will be iced and then served at Wednesday's staff meeting. Maybe I can open a little bakeshop someday!! Inspiration came from Shimelle's blog and recipes are from Country Woman magazine, January/February 07 issue. Oh, and they all taste delicious - in case you are wondering!!


  1. They look delicious. That must have been the noise I was hearing as I talked to you last night. I'm sure they all taste good. Please email me the recipes, I'd love to try them.

  2. oh yum, Crystal!! Pass a chocolate one over here!!! Lucky staff...

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Okay, you sooo have to send me those recipes!! Looks absolutely delicious Crystal! I have baking to do for the Grade 2 Choir Grandparent's Tea next Tuesday. I would LOVE to serve some of those cupcakes!! You rock!!


  4. Crystal, those cupcakes look devine, I would love to have the recipes if you are up for sharing.

    I bet they will taste amazing... what kind of frosting are you puttin on them??

  5. They look delicious! You have me drooling. The staff are very lucky to have you bring them these babies. Enjoy your treats.