Monday, February 26, 2007

Miss Cutie Pie

After a quiet weekend and an afternoon matinee' performance of "A High School Musical" performed by the local Stageworks group, we went to visit Meadow, Na and Jerry for a bit. Meadow has 2 little teeth but we only got a glimpse of the bottom one. Her little tongue and lips were sure busy so you can tell her teeth are bothering her. She's feeling a little under the weather but we had some fun anyway!!

Jerry gave her this whistle to play with and by the end of the day she could even blow it a little! She's going to be right in the thick of every game soon!!

Learning to balance, with Mommy close by.

She just loves walking back and forth, hanging on for dear life!

We are so blessed to live close by and see her so often - what a joy!


  1. Wow! She has 2 teeth, and I'm sure more to come. I can't believe how much she changes from picture to picture. Every time you post I see changes in her, as she becomes a little girl. I love the whistle; can't wait until she really gets blowing on it. :) Glad you went to visit and spent some time with them.

  2. She is getting really big Crystal! Look at her balancing - before you knowing she's gonna be cruising around

  3. She is soooooooo cute!!! I bet she'll be walking the nxt time I see her!! I still remember the day Na told us she was expecting and now her little girl is almost walking! Wow!

  4. The development of a child is so amazing, they learn to do so much in such a short little time. I remember all the firsts with both of my girls, and how amazed i was each time they accomplished something new.

    She is so adorable, and I can totally see why you are the proud grandma that you are!!!!