Sunday, February 25, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering...

My friend Marina tagged me several days ago (thanks, girl!) and I finally remembered to post my responses today.

A=Available – for travel anywhere, but it has to be during breaks from school!

B=Best Friend – I am lucky to have several! My sister Esther, Audrey, DonaMae, Darlene, and my 3 daughters.

C=Cake or pie – this is hard! I really like pastry so pumpkin pie is my fave but any cake with chocolate or cream cheese frosting is a close second!

D=Drink of choice – Rooiboos tea, milk, water, iced tea - and salted Caesers!

E=Essential item you use everyday - the computer, especially for email and the camera

F=Favourite color - orange - or any bright colors, really

G=Gummy bears or worms – neither - I'll take peanut M&Ms instead

H=Hometown - I grew up on a farm, near Millet, Alberta

I= ndulgences – Starbuck's Chai Latte' and Purdy's Sweet Georgia Browns - and scrapbook magazines!

J= January or February - I think February - the day of love, days are getting longer, and it's a short month!

K=Kids and names – 4 - Darrin Robert, Heather Crystal, Melinda Christine, Naomi Marie

L=Life is incomplete without - people and dessert!

M=Marriage date – July 30, 1976

N=Number of siblings – 2 brothers, then 2 sisters - I'm the oldest (and the bossiest they would agree!)

O=Oranges or apples – An apple a day but lately I've been craving nice big juicy Valencia oranges - the ones that you can't find in any stores around here this winter, because of the lousy weather in California

P=Phobias or Fears – fear of snakes and mice

Q=Favourite Quote – "Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in your soul and sings the tune without the words
and never stops - at all." Emily Dickinson

R=Reason to smile – talking to our kids and playing with our sweet granddaughters - oh, and weekends!

S=Season - I love the flowers and sunshine of spring, the warmth and activities of summer and the colors of autumn. Winter - ah, not so much at all!!

T=Tag 3 or 4 people - Melinda, Rhonda, Carrie and Patti T

U=Unknown fact about me –I played softball during the summer when I was in junior high but I really am not a good thrower so they always put me in right field!

V=Vegetable you don't like – Raw garlic - I hate how strong it is!

W= Worst habit – I am really a night owl and I stay up way too late most nights. Seems I have a down time right after supper and then get my second wind about 10 p.m.. I'm really trying hard to be in bed earlier, especially on school nights.

X=X-rays – Only dental ones and mammograms

Y=Your favorite food – Pretty much any food but I really, really like pizza, dislike herring and I haven't developed a taste for sushi yet.

Z= Zodiac Sign - Aries

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is cool. I haven't seen this one before, and I learned a few new things about you. Check my blog later to see what I posted. Hugs.

  2. Oh Crystal, this is awesome, loved reading more about you, and learning some new things!!!

    Thanks for playing along!!!

  3. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Hmmm - we have many more things in common!! I knew I liked you for a reason!! hee hee


  4. esther9:13 AM

    This was interesting and a fun way to get to know more about you. (like how much you love pumpkin pie).