Sunday, February 18, 2007

At long Last

After 29 years (almost exactly to the day!) we have new chairs in our dining area!! The previous set came from Campbell's Furniture Store in Edmonton and cost $99 for the 6 chairs and arborite table. It certainly served us well and the chairs had been recovered once but they were pretty sad looking. So we did a little scouting around and picked up some new ones.

We got 8 of these beauties!!

I quite like the combination of light and dark wood.

We may still order the matching table but it's narrower than the one we have and a better option might be to just refinish this one. Anyway it looks wonderful, we think!


  1. Oohhh! I like them, and the combination of light and dark wood. They look great around the table. I have to say they look better than the old ones. Great purchase. I hope they are comfy to sit in, too.

  2. they are gorgeous! so glad you finally gpt some new ones!

  3. Anonymous7:18 PM

    GREAT chairs!!