Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Melinda!!

It's already February 6th in Poland so we are sending birthday greetings to our daughter, Melinda. We miss you!!! And we wish we could bake you a cake, take you out to supper and hug you today. We pray that you will always be blessed with a spirit of adventure, a heart filled with love and God's guiding presence. In honour of your birthday, here are some glimpses through the years - enjoy!

On her wedding day, so beautifully serene and filled with love for Tyler

With Oma on her baptism day

1981 Family portrait taken near Jasper she's the one sitting on the bench

The home skating rink and her first trike

Back to school

Olympic pose - this is one of my favourite pictures of our girls! Mel is on the left.

Gotta love those hairstyles - you had so many variations

Lover of dogs, cats, horses and lambs - pretty much all animals actually

A princess kind of day

Adventurer extraordinaire

Bachelor of Arts, Acadia University and Bachelor of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University

There's so much more that I could share. I hope you know how precious you are, Sweet Girl! Have fun in Paris - that's a pretty awesome birthday present!!


  1. Thanks, Mom! You made my day, and put a huge smile on my face. I still laugh at a few of those pictures. I certainly have gone through some changes over the years. I am blessed each year more and more by God's gracious hand, surrounded by love from family and friends, and able to see and experience so much of the world even as I grow older. You are such a loving and generous mom. Thank-you for thinking about me today. I love you.

  2. Wow, how time flies, eh Crystal? doesn't it seem like just yesterday.....

    I am constantly inspired by your relationships with your children....I hope to enjoy the same closeness with mine as they age. Thanks for setting the bar high!

  3. Happy Birthday Melinda... A birthday in Paris... oh how devine!!!

    Crystal, I too am in awe of your relationship with your daughters. My Mom and I are very close, and I hope one day when my own daughters grow that we have the same special bond that you have with your daughters and I with my Mom.

  4. Happy Birthday Melinda! Enjoy Paris.

    Love the photos throughout the years but mostly your touching words. You have such a wonderful relationship with all your girls. It truly inspires us all. Big hugs to you.

  5. What great memories and an awesome tribute to Mel!!!