Thursday, September 28, 2006

Way Back When!

We had some sad, sad news today that a friend of Darrin's from highschool died last night. And it just made me realize how blessed I am with health, family, energy, causes, creativity and a world full of beauty. I know it isn't that way for everyone and that it might not always be so for me but for now I want to be thankful and savour the moments of a life well lived.

And then I found this old photo from the fall of 1982 and our potato digging day together and I remembered how much I love our children! The 2 on the right hand side are mothers now - wow!!!


  1. Hey Mom,
    We're really sad to hear the news. We will be praying for their family. We love you so much, and miss being with you and our families. We are getting used to Poland, and feeling more comfortable in our area. See you soon! Love & big hugs.

  2. Oh, I love that photo - brings back such good memories! Thanks for sharing it - we are so blessed! I'm praying for their family too - such a sad, sad thing to happen.

  3. Way too cute of a photo. Love the placement of them sitting in the dirt.

    Sorry to hear about your dh's friend. My mother's friend just died at 62 on Thursday.

  4. Sorry about to hear about your dh's friend's passing.

    Love that photo - it is so adorable. I hope we get to see a LO with it real soon.