Sunday, September 10, 2006

Check this out!

I found this blog yesterday -
and it was like a gift! She has such words of wisdom and encouragement - they went straight to my heart. You should rush over and check it out.

One of the things she suggested really struck me. It was the idea of just sitting down and journalling for 5 minutes every day. Write about a picture, an experience, an event - something that draws you in at that time. I think my blog is a little like that. I sit down to write and my thoughts are focussed. What is on my mind - what do I want to share - what has inspired me - what might I want to remember about this day?

The second thing was her entry about gladness. So for today, here are 5 things that make me glad.

1. Autumn and the sounds, sights and smells that go with it, especially the harvest sunsets when the air is laden with dust from combines toiling through the evening.

2. Days when there are no demands on your time or energy. .We had one of those "do whatever you want" days yesterday - relaxing and rejuvenating in a big way.

3. Fresh, crisp apples picked right off the tree, our tree, in the garden.

4. Researchers who have ideas, time and energy to explore issues and suggest new ways of thinking and doing things, especially in education. I am constantly challenged and committed to make my teaching better for my students.

5. My health and energy - how blessed I am and yet I take it for granted. Thank you, Lord!

What makes you glad today?

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  1. I'm grateful for relaxing weekends in the mountains and all the amazing friends we have!