Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy 50th

Birthday to Play-Doh! Created 50 years ago for a little sister, it was only white at first. Do you remember playing with this when you were little? I have a great recipe for the homemade stuff that our kids loved when they were small. I should make some for the classroom to use on rainy day recesses.


  1. Huh. I never knew that.
    I loved playing with play-doh and remember spending hours playing with your awesome homemade stuff. You'll have to send me the recipe someday so I can make it for our kids!

  2. Roslyn5:29 PM

    I make play dough all the time for my girls. They love the 'customized' colors! It is a great way to fill up a rainy afternoon!

  3. Oh, I could use that recipe, Crystal!! Aili will always try to sneak a taste when my back is turned... {gag} I mean, I love the smell, too, but the taste?? Yak.