Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Photography Tuesday

Have you ever gone on a fabulous vacation and then sort of forgotten about how special it was until you look back at your pictures? Exactly 2 months ago, we were in Hong Kong - it seems like a lifetime ago!!!

King's Bananas - only about 6 inches long - they were grown in China for the king - no one else was allowed to buy these little guys.

Lychee nuts - stripped from their bunch of hanging branches - you peel off the tough fibrous outer layer to get to the grapelike fruit underneath. The white one is half peeled. There's a seed in the middle, about the size of a plum pit.

Both of these were in the Stanley Street Market fruit stall in Hong Kong.

What about the fruits you eat and enjoy? Take some pictures today!


  1. Great pictures and reminders of China and Hong Kong. Can you believe that it was two months ago we were there. It went to fast.

  2. Love the pictures of the fruit! Very cool!!!

  3. Cool pictures! Never heard of the second one before!

  4. Very cool photos! TFS!

  5. those photos are soo cool! sounds like such a surreal place to visit! definitely on my to do list one day! loved your photos! Would love to join your challenge, but need to go grocery shopping first! May get to that tomorrow!! :) thanks for the challenge!

  6. Oh now you are making me want some lychee. Did you ever get to try Dorian while you were there? I liked the one I had but apparently some can't get by the horrible smell.

    I have been wanting to take some grape pictures and it's starting to be that season. Will have to go hunting this week.