Monday, September 25, 2006

Autumn Colors

The drive to school was just beautiful this morning! The early morning sun was shining on the leaves, which have erupted in gorgeous colors over the weekend. Maybe the fact that we got a new windshield in the car on Friday helped!! On my way home I went a different way through the countryside and over to Wizard Lake, just to check out the scenery. It was even better than I had hoped! Here are a few shots from my hour long walk through the park. I had fun naming them!

"Yellow Leaves Over A Rock" (sounds Japanese, doesn't it?!). I love how there's just a glimpse of red way in the background.

"Red Leaves and White Berries" - these were the most amazing leaves with their red centers and gold edges. I love the contrast of the white berries - I think these are dogwood bushes.

"Golden Trees Beyond the Playground" - big trees, pure gold, towering over this most amazing play structure. I am so taking Meadow here next fall to do a photo shoot!! (By the way, my photos are just like this - no cropping or enhanching.)

Ah, glorious autumn!!!


  1. Beautiful photos! Fall seems to have arrived here overnight too! The colors are so beautiful!

  2. I love fall - it's my favourite season! Beautiful photos, C!!

  3. Awesome photos, Crystal!! Reminds me that I want to do an autumn photo shoot with the boys.