Monday, May 20, 2013

Today . . .

Today I . . .

- wrote out 2 cards and 3 letters to mail tomorrow

- cut and trimmed pages for my December Daily album - yes, nearly 6 months later

- laundered the sheets on our bed

- planted sweet pea seeds

- fed and hung out with the chickens for awhile

- purchased more grower food for the chickens

- admired the apple tree that is in full bloom today

- watered the tomatoes, squash, lettuce, carrots and radishes at the greenhouse

- moved the plants from our garage out onto the lawn

- purchased a hosta, some herbs and 1 tomato plant (Black Cherry) at the greenhouse

- tried to figure out how the greenhouse tomato plants are so short and yet have such big, thick stems

- took a whole bunch of pictures in the 4 greenhouse complex that I visited

- brought some Mayday branches in to enjoy in the house

- made taco salad

- took 3 more things out of the freezer (I'm on a mission!)

- cut and ate watermelon after having hot dogs for supper

- made berry-kale smoothies for breakfast

- previewed the pictures I took at Peyton's birthday party yesterday

- had to tell Helayna that I couldn't come, get her and go to Lake Louise today :(
 (I felt so bad because she wanted to go so badly.   Soon, little one, soon!)

- updated my garden book with a list of the seeds I planted this year

- watched the news report on the awful tornado near Oklahoma City

- left dirty dishes for tomorrow :)

- decided that I'd rather be outside on these gorgeous spring days!

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  1. love this peek into your day. and my little girl sure would love to take you up on a trip to the mountains. :)