Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#685 - #712

- gifts held in hand:  books to read, iPhone and Instagram lovelies, juicy oranges
- gifts found in my Mother: that she taught me stuff like growing and sewing and making and doing, that she cares about every person she meets, that she loves my children and grandchildren so whole-heartedly
- gift picked-up: packets of seeds for planting
- gift put away: laundry folded and put in drawers
- gift put back: decision not buy

- gifts found in His word: hope, promises, comfort
- gift in a box: crocheted doilies from my Gramma
- gift in a bag: spaghetti squash growing in the greenhouse
- gift in a book: dinosaur information for Samuel
- gifts unexpected: perennial herb basket, card in the mail, tomato plants to share

- gifts from my  childhood: learning how to do things, encouragement to read from my parents, learning how to play piano and read musical notes (even though I don't play now)
- gift sweet:  chai tea chiller from Second Cup

- gift salty: nacho chips with cheese sauce
- gift sour: dill pickles
- gifts found in little ones: energy and enthusiasm in abundance, smiles and beginning sounds, how they draw generations together

My great-gramma, my gramma, my mom, me
1967 - the only time my great-gramma came to Canada to visit

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  1. love that you are still documenting this. :) so much to be thankful for.