Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#712 - #737

- gifts that made you laugh - chickens busy in their spaces, junior high students and their excuses, seeing pictures of our grandchildren and their antics
- gifts found in community - small businesses especially greenhouses, neighbours, seeing students and their families
- gift in a pot - ivy, hosta and petunia growing together
- gift in a plate - delicious supper at graduation
- gift in a package - new tshirt that came in the mail

- gifts hard giving thanks for - mud, being so busy, having so many rows
- gift white - saskatoon and mayday blossoms
- gift worn - play clothes, no matter the mud
- gift whispered - little voice with "I love you, Gramma"
- gift from long ago - anniversary of 40 years

- gifts unexpected - learning about something completely new, walk in the garden, gift ideas
- gifts of green - tiny shoots piercing the soil, tomatoes growing tall, new lettuce
- gifts of color - lilac blossoms, cherry trees in bloom, robins all over the lawn


1 comment:

  1. so much joy in this post. it's so very good that it's spring and things are blooming and growing. so much hope represented in spring.