Friday, May 10, 2013

Five on Friday


2.  I planted some of my patio pots this week with these lovely "Queen Bee" petunias that Sprouts Greenhouse had this year.  Blake and Maëlle helped me pick lots of pansies which will fill more pots :)

3.  Big news from the Alberta government this week is that there will be a complete re-do of provincial achievement tests.  The tests will happen in September which means so many changes for teachers. More exciting times for educators!

4.  The great tomato adventure continues with more transplanting and 27 plants finding new homes recently :)  I've moved some into the greenhouse now and I hope they survive our low evening temperatures, which continue to persist this spring. 

5.  Photo of the week:

Leaving early in the morning for the airport

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  1. Good heavens, those little ones are getting quite grown up already! Time is flying by. I have still got my tomato plants in the house. They will probably be planted out by the end of the month. By out I mean in the tomato greenhouse! I have just planted the beans. Jean says her father always said the 12 May. So one day early is fine. I think.