Monday, May 13, 2013

2013 Joy Dare

#624 - #684

- gifts found in Christ: His light shining through my fears, peace from the craziness of the world, HIs promises no matter what
- gifts close: plants growing in the window, grandchildren coming to visit, food in the cupboards
- gifts reflecting: sun setting under the clouds, birds flying over the dugout, smiles in the mirror
- gifts fragile:  teacups each with a story to tell, teapot with a hairline crack, their love
- gifts cloth: quilts and their colors, favourite shirts, pillow covers for each season

- gifts moving:  little boys and girls climbing trees, babies scooting along the floor, text messages flying back and forth
- gifts ugly beautiful:  grey skies but bringing rain, no leaves as plants wait for it to be right to grow, little boys that arise so early and convince Grampa to go with them
- gifts orange:  lights shining on baby chicks, juicy oranges in the fridge crisper, favourite tshirts on Grammas and on little boys
- gifts in dirt: delphiniums pushing through, tomatoes growing daily taller, raspberry roots for transplanting
- gifts tasted:  pumpkin pie with whipped cream, burgers off the grill, cheese with crackers and apples for afternoon snacks

- gifts flat:  little girl asleep in my bed, fresh white paper for painting, birthday cards written and sent
- gifts found in difficult people:  that they interact with little ones, they do - even if it's not my way, the pause it gives me to think about myself
- gifts before 9 a.m.: time to sleep a little longer, a walk outside to observe the growing, berry smoothie in the blender
- gifts in smiles: that he could ride in the tractor with Grampa, the "here we are, Gramma!" voices calling, birthday gift thanks
- gifts found in Christ:  new life, the old cast away, His creation shared new each spring

- gifts about our home:  open and inviting space with lots of room, floors for little ones to play on, well used and well lived in
- gifts inside a closet:  seeds for planting, old school papers kept, summer clothes to wear on warm days
- gifts in the dark:  rest after a busy day, knowing they are all safe in their own homes, comfortable bed and warm covers
- gifts inside:  little ones napping, eggs in cartons, seeds closed in beds of soil
- gifts in my parents:  their love of little ones, they can come to every gathering, their home is a place warmth and hospitality for others

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