Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Simply Ten Good Things

Using another one of Amanda Soule's awesome ideas - just a simple list of some good things in my day.

a haircut
more tomatoes
a frozen turkey
bologna, cheese and tomato with relish on a fresh whole wheat bun
pie plates at the thrift store
boxes of apples
cutting flannel and batting
praying for a long-awaited baby to arrive safely
an orange pillowcase bag
hot soapy water for washing dishes


  1. Oooh, I like the new layout and header. It looks great, and just your colours. Lots of good things to notice and enjoy today. It's a chilly one out here, feeling very much like fall.

  2. Sometimes, lists are the best way to say things! Lovely list, Crystal. I must get my template changed too. I keep forgetting!

  3. I saw Amanda's list and just loved it. I need to do this on my blog too sometime soon. I love your list.