Friday, October 28, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  It's so very quiet at our house today.  Melinda and Samuel left yesterday to return home to Fredericton and we miss them so much.  The "Where is Grampa Bob?" question didn't get asked once today! 

2.  I had a huge reminder this week that life. is. so. very. short. and you just never know what will happen - which makes the time we've spent as family over the past month even more precious.

3.  Two months until Christmas!  And we haven't had one flake of snow yet :))

4.  Hopefully picture posting will resume very soon.  My laptop is currently at the computer hospital!

5.  The jars of sauerkraut I made this year are processing in a hot water bath and will soon join the rest of my bounty on the pantry shelves.  I still have tomato plants in the greenhouse and boxes of them ripening in the basement.  I don't think I'll make my November 1st deadline for finishing canning!


  1. The season seems to have been extended this year, after a really slow start, doesn't it. I still have tomatoes in a bowl waiting to be cooked up into a relish. When I remember! I just want to be in the sewing room right now. Have you decided what you are making this year? I know your family all read this, so email me!

  2. I miss Mel and Samuel too! That time went by way too quickly. :( Hope everything is fixed up well with your laptop very soon.