Monday, October 24, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

I have to remind myself that every single, tiny-and insignificant-as-it-may-seem, thing is a gift from my Heavenly Father.  God gives it all and it's up to me to use it in some way.  To use it in praise and worship of Him, to share it as a gift or token to someone else, to pass it along that the way might be smoother and brighter for another person.  So today I count on, noticing and committing to praise and service.  All is grace, as Ann says.

#3177 - #3208

- safe arrival of Melinda and Samuel
- little boy trailing Grampa everywhere
- a house filled with those we love
- hearing him talk about cousins and uncles and aunties
- giggles and smiles

- 5th birthday parties
- how excited she gets
- that everyone made her feel special
- gifts and toys picked especially for her
- birthday meals

- Mamas who make special decorations
- birthday cakes
- little brothers who love big sisters
- leftovers
- walks to the park, just them and I
- last lingering blooms

- reading stories, all nestled together
- filling the fridge with groceries
- safe driving
- phone calls, so easy and yet so meaningful
- time that our children can share with each other

- empty rows of carrots
- onions hanging in a mesh bag
- big pot of turkey barley soup
- pumpkin chocolate cake
- foccacia bread for sandwiches

,- amazing love that He would do it all for me
- safe and secure in God's plan
- online devotions to start the morning
- music seemingly written just for me
- my great big God


  1. I always love reading your lists, Crystal. And I am so thankful for my own gratitude journal, listing all those tiny things which bless my life, and make it unique.

  2. music seemingly written for me - now isn't that the truth!!

    Love your list - and have truly enjoyed getting to know you from thousands of miles away! :)