Monday, October 31, 2011

Right Now

Inspired by Amanda Soule once again (I tell you she has so much inspiration wrapped up in her head that's shared on her blog, SouleMama!) to capture today.

RIght now, I am...
:: marveling that it will be November 1st tomorrow and we have not had one snowflake fall yet!  It really has been a lovely October.

:: tired of cleaning out garden, pots and greenhouse.  
:: laughing  as I pick up and put away all the toys that our grandchildren scattered across the living room last week.  So many treasured memories of their antics and conversations!
:: overwhelmed  that I still have a 20 lb. box of unripened tomatoes and 20 lbs. of apples, both from our garden,  to deal with.
:: pleasantly surprised that I have nearly everything I need for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes I want to finish this week.
:: wondering, what to do with the tomato plants in the greenhouse.  They aren't growing much and it's supposed to dip down to -6 degrees C by Friday.  That means the heat would have to be on constantly and I dread even thinking about what our electricity bill would look like!
:: grateful that my 17 - 85 mm lens is back from the repair shop, rebuilt and working wonderfully. 
:: hearing the wind as it rattles around the house today.  
:: going to giveaway all the Halloween candy, I hope!  We don't usually get many kids out here but I always buy treats, just in case - and then guess who eats them all up with some help from me?!
:: planning projects to sew for Christmas.
:: digging that Sew, Mama, Sew is starting their month of Handmade Holiday projects tomorrow!
:: knitting nothing - I wish I knew how!
:: listening to Blessings by Laura Story.  I heard her on the radio in the tractor this summer and downloaded this song.  I love it!
:: saying goodbye to another batch of tomatoes who are cooking themselves into salsa.
:: inspired by Ali Edwards to begin my December Daily album building.  
:: happy to be home for most of this week.
:: delighted to hear 'tidings of great joy'!
:: waiting for the vacuum cleaner to propel itself around the house :)
:: being so very grateful for 56 years of living and all the joys of having a family!

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  1. So much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing some of your little and big details so poetically.