Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

It's Thanksgiving weekend here.   Between gathering with family, eating traditional foods and giving thanks for a season of growing and harvesting, is the feeling that I am so very glad that my thanks happens every day.  And I am thankful that my God extends His grace to me, new and fresh every day.  Reading Ann's book, 1000 Gifts, has produced in me a changed heart and a changed way of looking at my life.  How very amazing and wonderful is my God who supplies all, far beyond my needs and expectations - every single day!

#3112 - #3152

- a day without internet service
- creating cards
- baking bread and buns
- eating a bun with butter melting on it
- golden morning sunrise

- cutting up flannel to make a quilt
- sewing a new zipper into Samuel's jacket and praying for him
- planning Christmas gifts
- patterns for little ones
- raking leaves

- newly shingled roof for our daughter and her family, finished in two days
- 6 men, tools and building talents
- helping Naomi in her kitchen
- rocking Maëlle to sleep
- a yard full of kids

- appetizer lunches
- 4 women working together in the kitchen
- Thanksgiving supper
- pumpkin pie with whipped cream
- full plates

- camping in the driveway
- grandchildren coming in to wake us in the morning
- reading in bed with them
- playing "Go Fish"
- building fairy houses with rocks

- leftovers
- pulling out tomato plants that produced well
- gradually emptying the garden
- Bob's help in the potato patch
- last sweet peas of the season

- freshly dug carrots
- golden leaves still clinging to branches
- +17 degrees Celsius
- making sauerkraut with Bob's mom
- potatoes dug out

- God's amazing bounty in the harvest
- sharing the plenty we have with others
- being able to pray for a friend who needs healing
- trusting that God has it all under control
- learning more from His word

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  1. that sunrise shot is breathtaking! great capture!