Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simple Woman #96

For Today . . .  July 23, 2010

Outside my window . . . hot, sunny and very humid!  We've had over 7 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks so when the sun comes out, it's very muggy - and thunderstorms continue every night.  We have had some spectacular lightning shows!  High for today is +28 degrees C and the forecast is for more of the same through next week. 

I am thankful . . . that my Dad is doing okay while  my Mom is away.   

And I also am thankful . . . that we are blessed with such an abundance of food, especially all the fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of year.  

I am praying . . . for patience - I need some today.

I am thinking . . . about what meals to plan for while we are camping.

I am creating . . .   a photo album out of stacks of pictures from the birthdays and happenings we had in May and June - great memories preserved for me.

I am celebrating . . . my sister's birthday this week.  Happy Birthday, T!

From the kitchen . . .  fresh bread, homemade granola bars, blueberry muffins and tons of fresh fruit.  Also the first cabbage of the season, purchased from the Hutterite ladies at the Farmer's Market yesterday - it's huge!

I am wearing . . .  black shorts, lime green polo shirt and crocs. 

I am reading . . .  John 12:  "I have come into the world as a light so that no one who believes in me should stay                                                                in darkness."

                         Exiles from the War  - The War Guests Diary of Charlotte Mary Twiss by Jean Little  This is part of the Dear Canada series for children and chronicles events during World War II when some British children were sent to safety in Canada.  I can't imagine sending our children so far away when they were so little but I also can't imagine what it's like to live during a war.  

I am hoping . . .  for great drying weather so the very sad looking hay can at least be taken off the fields around here. 

I am hearing . . .  the CTV National News.

I am going . . . to have a shower before I head to bed very soon.

Around the house and yard . . .  grass is cut, garden is growing, and I vacuumed first thing this morning.  I love a clean floor!

One of my favourite things . . .  fresh raspberries with brown sugar and cream :)

A few plans for the rest of the week . . .  some silage to cut, a little camping and quadding with friends, our anniversary and raspberries to pick.

A quote for today . . .  

“You can gain more friends by being yourself than you can by putting up a front.                                                 You can gain more friends by building people up than you can by tearing them down.                                          And you can gain more friends by taking a few minutes from each day to do something                                        kind for someone, whether it be a friend or a complete stranger.                                                                                       What a difference one person can make!”
—Sasha Azevedo
(1978-); Entertainer

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you . . . thunderclouds building yesterday afternoon.  The sky is so amazing!


  1. It sounds like you're having the same hot and humid weather we are, although we aren't getting all that rain. The thunderheads loom amazing. Alberta sky is something so unique and marvelous.
    I'd love to come over for a bowl of raspberries. I bought a half pint yesterday and the three of us devoured them for morning snack. One day when I have a garden I'm definitely planting a row of raspberry bushes.
    Enjoy camping and quadding. Next summer we'll be coming with you. ;)

  2. Love that picture of the clouds!!! Great list!

  3. We have had our share of rain this year too!

    Sounds like you are busy as usual!