Monday, July 05, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Such a week full of His goodness, placed into my life in rich abundance!  When I am bogged down or feeling out of sorts, considering these tiny treasures makes me reflect on  some of the many ways that I am blessed and my spirits are lifted.

- telling Meadow my story of the day she was born as we laid in bed together, before she went to sleep - and her interest and excitement as she listened

- tattoos of the red maple leaf on little cheeks

- little brothers and big sisters

- favourite suppers chosen by the birthday girl

- candles to blow out as they record milestones

- fireworks to celebrate Canada Day

- the very back corner of the farm

- full and heavy rows of alfalfa

- pink flowers in the wetland

- hawk sitting high in the old willow tree

- soaring and gliding shadows of birds

- steady drone of machinery working

- horses standing in the sun

- bird houses on trees

- birthday cakes and gift bags

- first load of this season's silage chopped

- full lunch kit dwindling as the day goes by

- little camera in my picket

- empty truck hurrying across the field - which means all is well at the bagger

- red-winged blackbirds singing and swaying on a bush

- a Bible stick and the book of Matthew heard in between loads

- Bob's fixing skills - seriously, nothing is too complicated for him 

- being able to help with big tasks

- family reunions

- discussions around a campfire

- learning more about education in Singapore and Abu Dhabi, via the cousins

- Sunday afternoon visits with the relatives

- walking down a back alley and marveling at what is tucked away there

- good news when stepping on the scale :)

- black, white and brown faces lined up along the fence

- Big Picture Scrapbooking class, Picture Summer 

- gifts shared - thanks, H!

- thinking often about the quadders 

- looking forward to shared pictures and stories

- big blue Alberta sky

- eyes with which to see 

- getting to know the next generation of cousins

- being able to stay overnight in our camper

- saskatoon pie (thanks, N!)

- fluffy white clouds piled high in the sky

- a full bag of silage at the end of the day

- only 1 breakdown through 28 big loads

- rainy days

- crops growing

- resting in God's goodness and grace

holy experience

After taking a week to consider it, my Simple Woman Daybook entries will move to another day of the week I have decided to join the Multitude Monday posting community at A Holy Experience.  Please consider joining - it really will make a difference in the way you look at each day.  


  1. Love the Bible stick and the truth it shouts.

    Delighted to meet you. HOpe you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to slip off my shoes and take a dip in thankfulness.


  2. I'm all teary-eyed reading these and seeing your photos. I guess just reminscing about childhood, visits and suppers in the field, riding with Dad in the truck or tractor, and seeing that big blue Alberta sky all around me. Sigh, I miss home!
    Thanks for sharing all these moments, events, and memories. You see so much beauty, joy and hope in everyday. I miss you lots. xxx

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I've been wondering how the BPS class was going. I hope it's good!

    Love your beautiful photos and list. :)