Monday, July 19, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

Looking around today, I am thankful to notice:

- the sound of gentle rain on the roof

- all the shades of green outside the window

- horses grazing contentedly in the rain

- little wires to reconnect and restore our phone service

- my bread machine whirring away

- antique store finds

- memories of my grandparents that resurface as I see similar objects

- the worldwide web resources for how to do things

- fleece jackets

- colorful note paper

- a summer bag

- nectarines

- a light soup for a chilly day

- watching her do what she loves

- returning books

- buying no extras at the grocery store

- conversation with a friend

- dough rising

- fresh loaves of bread

- melting butter on steaming slices

- a tub full of rhubarb

- photos of happy times

- thinking back to when our son loved toy tractors

- time to spend with those I love

- putting empty jars into the dishwasher to sterilize for a new season's offerings

- Sunday sermons that make me think and adjust my living

- knowing that even when life is hard, God still loves me and gives me a new day every morning


  1. Your list sounds very tasty. Can I come over for a slice of fresh bread?
    I love the antique vase and that awesome scale. I'd love an old weigh scale for my kitchen one day. Sigh.
    Thanks for sharing the little moments and glimpses into your days. Miss you.

  2. thank you so much for coming to visit. and for going to the antique store with me - we might have to make that a regular occurance. :)

    and thank you for taking that photo of me. i had no idea you took it.

    and those photos of silas with his tractors just melt me - they are SO him.

    love you so much.