Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A good summertime for us often involves quadding - something that might be new to some of you, like Margaret :)   And Mel asked for more details too so let me show you a few pictures from our little getaway.  I hope you can see why we enjoy this activity so much.

Use of off road vehicles, like quads,  is regulated to specific areas in the province and we have a great area just an hour west of us.  There are lots of trees, creeks, and trails that meander along and present interesting opportunities.

Sometimes the rutted tracks in the trails get filled with water, especially after all the rain we've had this summer. 

And that means alternate routes have to be chosen which sometimes don't work out too well!

The creek bank was too steep and the water was running too fast so Aime' had to get winched out. 

The area that we were in has many, many oil and gas wells so there were lots of open spots where we could stop and relax - and take pictures.

More work to get through tough spots -

which means more relaxing.

The guys often have to direct, instruct and help (sometimes literally by pushing and pulling) less experienced drivers, like us girls,  through muddy spots.  You can imagine the laundry piles after a few days of this!

We camped in a recreation area and had the whole big spot to ourselves - well, we did have to share with the deer and an owl.  It was beautiful weather during the day and on the night of the full moon, we watched a spectacular sheet lightning show with the light of the full moon shining down too!  Just as we went to bed, it started raining and hailing but we were safe and snug in the campers.

And we even played a game of Jack Attack (also known as Sequence) around the evening campfire.  Good times with good friends - one of the best kinds of summer fun!


  1. Wonderful memories and good time with friends make the best of Summer. Looks like you had a blast, and a muddy one too!

  2. Looks like fun! We'll be out on our new quad next week; my husband is excited to take me on a mountain exploration trip!