Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sewing Projects

With the warmer weather, Helayna decided she needed some new pyjamas and ordered "blue flower ones"!  I was very happy to sew them up for her.

They'd already been slept in here but I really wanted a picture to show you :)


  1. I loved sewing, back when I did it.

  2. It turned out great. I love the little buttons, too. I bet she was one happy little lady when you arrived with this special treat.

  3. So nice to hear from you, AC! It looks like you've been busy with your camera; I'm on a bit of a photo sabbatical after giving my everything to the school yearbook in May. Somehow, I have very little desire to "do" photography as I was doing it before. Weird... I hope you're enjoying your summer and that you you don't get too much more rain!
    (My friend from school is busy working at the Prinz - Prince? -family greenhouses in Lacombe this month!)