Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

holy experience

- laying in bed and thanking God for the opportunities He will bring to me today

- Twinings Honey and Ginger Tea with lemon juice and honey

- cheese - I love it!

- blue skies

- getting the computer and Smartboard to work without any glitches

- nachos and cheese for lunch :)

- working one on one with a student to edit a story and having him recognize ways to improve his writing

- colored pens and markers (I'm still a kid in some ways)

- books from the library

- phone calls (thanks, Mel!)

- clean dishes stacked in the sink

- happy days to look forward to

- scarves

- finding little treasures hidden in the back of a closet

- apple blossoms - forced indoors but still beautiful!

- time to write little notes

- a deep freeze with many possibilities for meals

- my sewing machine

- candles

- Pineapple Sauce (with a secret ingredient - mustard!)

- carrots

- chocolate chip cookies

- fresh lemons

- knowing that I am wrapped in the Father's love

- living for Him


  1. love your list. those apple blossoms are so pretty!

  2. My apple tree is about to blossom! Love the list, Crystal - and I love coloured pens too!

  3. The salsa jar looks like it's almost empty. Do you need a Trader Joes refill? ;) I've tried their peach one and it's delicious, too.
    Pretty apple blossoms. Will you tree produce this year or did the frost get to it?
    Thanks for sharing. I love talking to you, too. Just more than a month till we visit. Yeah!!! Miss you lots. xxx