Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ten on Thursday

1.  After more than 6 weeks without my dishwasher, it's finally back in working order!  The tiny screen on the intake water line was blocked with rust particles and fine coal dust (which we get in our water sometimes).  Bob took it apart and cleaned the line last night - and I am ever so happy!

2.  I've been drinking ginger lemon tea + honey + lemon juice for 3 days now but it's not having much effect on this cold.  Next step:  Vick's VapoRub.

3.  Watching this little one ski was just amazing last weekend!  She is a natural and is loving the whole process.  Her hero right now is Jen Heil, a Canadian Olympic gold medal skier.  (Thanks for taking the picture, Na!)

4.  I know I shouldn't bring up the weather when Lethbridge (Hi, Rhonda!) and England (Hi, Linds!) are being hit hard these days but up here it's the wind that's constantly blowing.  We aren't used to that at all. It's sucked every bit of moisture up and there's no spring run-off or flooding happening in our area.

5.  On the highway to Jasper there's a spot that's called Sheep Corner.   And they were there again this time!

6.  I'm getting ready to do Ali Edwards' Week In My Life challenge next week.  It's a photo and journalling challenge to record the everyday details of a whole week and then scrapbook them (completely up to you as to the degree of scrapbooking).  Don't you think it would be cool to see what a week in your grandmother's or mother's life, at the stage that you are at, would look like?  So - how about you?  Are you in for the challenge too?  It would be cool to have you join us!

7.  I'm so inspired by the color challenges that Stacy Julian features on her blog.  Check them out!

(image from Stacy's blog)

8.  And speaking of Stacy Julian - today her challenge was to take a picture of What's In Your Purse?  It was a good excuse to clean some of the loose papers out of mine!  And another moment to capture in a scrapbook :))

9.  Here's a great recipe for Asparagus and Zucchini  Crudi (a type of salad) to try - thanks for sharing, Mel!

10.  I'm off to my favourite conference of the year - International Reading Association - tomorrow.  Books + learning about reading + good friends = a happy day!    

Hope your day is a happy one too :))


  1. So where is you mobile phone then??? In a wallety thingy?? I can't leave the house without mine!

    If I emptied my bag (purse - a purse is something you keep your money in if you are female here - men carry wallets!)I would be totally mortified. Old till slips, tissues, the stray sugar/sweetner packet, mints, numerous pens which don't work..... it is a disgrace. Maybe today I should clean it out. The wind still bklows the ash here, so the skies are still silent, and the wind, let me add, is coming from Iceland, so it is freezing too. Great. Just great.

    I may join in on the week in my life thingy.....

  2. Argh! Blogger just deleted the long and detailed comment I just wrote. Hmph, here we go again.
    I love this snippet into life and your purse. I did notice a very nice notebook in there. ;)
    Have fun at the conference. There will be so much to see, read and take in. Have you set a budget? I think I'd have to or I'd buy almost every book I looked at. We went to the library last week and I had a hard time keeping it to ten books only. Enjoy the time with friends, too.
    Love the photos of the Jasper trip. It's so awesome that you and Dad will go away for weekends with your kids, take care of grandkids, go on adventures. I love that so much about you two. Any thoughts about our time in May?

  3. Oh man, my purse is a disaster! Yours looks pretty good! Hope you had a good time at the conference.
    The photos of the trip look great!

  4. Yep CRAPPY weather last week!!! Hope you get your computer fixed soon!

  5. SIX weeks without a dishwasher???? Gasp!!! Mine died last week and I was panicking within a day. Luckily my handy husband managed to fix it, but I was practically already headed to Sears to buy a new one. LOL It's tough to go back to the old ways.