Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

The days go by and are filled up with so much goodness, provided by the One who created and loves us!
- seeing our son and daughter and their families again

- a place to sleep while visiting

- yummy food

- new knowledge

- a knowledgeable one who teaches well

- quiet music in the dark of evening

- little ones hurrying to the playground

- her riding along so quickly and confidently

- him running to catch up to her

- time to shop, just a little

- driving home

- yummy food

- iced tea

- learning, learning, learning!

- sending down questions - and not feeling out of place

- humour - laughing together

 - watching the leaves come out on the trees

- gentle rain

-  planting tiny seeds

- a visit to the greenhouse

- hoping

- cleaning out the old, making room for the new

- clam chowder

- thinking about summer 

- green tea

- watching little ones learn to swim and be comfortable in the water

- going down the waterslide with Meadow

- fun art classes

- picture books

- a visit to the library with the grade one class

- listening to improving readers

- happy parcel at the post office

- the return of a circle journal

- planting potatoes

- homemade croutons

- restored health for a friend

- Sharpie markers in all kinds of colors

- seeing the moon come up

- cuddling grandsons

- knowing that Mel, Tyler and Samuel will be here in less than a month

- God’s incredible grace

- trusting God to provide all that we need

- knowing that He will provide more than I can even imagine

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  1. What a huge list, Crystal, of absolutely wonderful things. It is all about seeing the joys in the small things, and being thankful, and your lists remind me to look again at my own life too. Have a wonderful Sunday!