Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

Once again, He has filled my life with:
- frogs croaking along the creek 

- reflections in the still waters

- pondering if I am a reflection of Him

- The Good Shepherd psalm (23)

- marveling at the work of the beavers - they are so industrious!

- walking on the hillside with my mom and sister

- sunshine streaming in the bedroom window

- fresh basil plants

- planted rows of potatoes

- handwriting a letter

 - making cards

- a full moon rising in the blue night sky

 - watching the apple trees bud

 - Cranberry Muffins from my sister

 - empty tabletop in my scrapbook studio

- a phone call to sub

- hanging clean laundry

- finding good things in the freezer

- the start of a new season on the land

- having meals ready for later in the week

- learning shortcuts on the computer

 - finishing my week in pictures - 260 of them!

 - a beautiful table set for dinner

- worship

 - shadows

- Bernard Callebaut chocolates

- watching the brilliant colors of the sunset change and finally disappear

- fresh vegetables washed and ready in the fridge

- the words "God will find a way" humming inside my head as the day goes on

- successful download of the laptop onto the external hard drive, after another big scare

- real life moments with my Saviour walking right beside me and letting me lean on Him


  1. There is so much goodness in spring, the weather, the colours, signs of life and new growth, and time to get out and use our hands again. I'm so excited for us to play in the garden and greenhouse when we visit.
    It sounds like you had a great visit with Auntie E and family. I love the crocuses on the hills out near her place, too.

  2. Great photos Crystal. You inspire me to stop rushing so much and reflect on the beauty around us.

  3. Another wonderful list, Crystal,a nd beautiful photos too! You do exactly what the previous commenter says - inspire me to slow down and reflect more. I am so glad we are friends!