Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gratitude Gifts Today

I am so blessed with these little - and big! - gifts:

- a bowl of colored eggs, created with Meadow, Naomi and Jerry

- mailing thank-you cards

- an evening with sweet Blake - I adore one-on-one time with our grandchildren

- new cards lined up on the china cabinet shelf

- a big pot of soup stock, cooked from Sunday’s ham bone

- a little hat hanging on the bannister post

- two bluejays lighting, ever so briefly, on the tree just outside my kitchen window

- hard-cooked eggs sauteed in butter, a post-Easter tradition from my mom

- sending birthday wishes through the mail to many friends this week

- easy suppers based on leftovers

- music filling up the kitchen

- chai latte’ in a favourite spring mug

- sweet little hostess gifts

- being able to run outside without boots and a jacket

- tiny sprigs of green grass poking up between last year’s brown

- empty laundry basket

- fresh lemon zest

- inspiration

- messages of faith (check this one from Kelly)

- bright, beautiful colors

- conversation

- games and the laughter they bring

- an empty card box - all the wishes sent out to be shared

- sending baby gifts

 - crafty little bags

- reading the story of Jesus'  birth during this time of remembering why He came

- accepting that He is why I live and have my being

- the amazing Ann at A Holy Experience who first encouraged this listing of gratitude

holy experience


  1. I love your photo collage. LO?
    Signs of spring are so wonderful and welcome this time of year. What a time to celebrate Easter with new life, new hope, new enthusiasm and eagerness. I love it!
    Little insights and blessings in your days makes me feel nearer and more grateful that you are my mom and friend. I miss you!

  2. 'hard-cooked eggs sauteed in butter' - sounds interesting! I never know what to do with the left over easter eggs, other than egg salad. I'm trying this! And I love the collage, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Crystal, and the encouragement, too!


  3. Gorgeous photo collage... and your joy list to Jesus makes me sing!

    Oh, lips of praise -- is there anything more beautiful?

    Much love...
    All's grace,