Monday, September 24, 2007

Tour Katowice

This is our last week in Poland and today Mel took us around this city that they call home now. Katowice has several suburbs and this area has a population of about 3 million people. The province of Silesia is an industrial area with many coal mines and lots of industry. The city is a working city and today we discovered some of the special places in it. Come along and see!

One of the many small parks that dot the city. The benches are always filled with elderly people, visiting and relaxing.

More of the fascinating windows that I love.

The Jewish cemetary here in Katowice is a sobering sight, neglected and a reminder of this dark time in history.

They have the best bakeries here! The plums baked on sweet yeast bread were sooooo delicious.

A high school in the downtown area.

These little carts selling delicious soft pretzels are on many street corners.

Mel is working at this private language school while they are in Poland.

One of the classrooms where Melinda teaches and practices conversational English with students.

An elementary school - the kids were just leaving for the day - running away from each other, banging backpacks, eating snacks - typical kids!

By mid-afternoon we met up with our second tour guide and Tyler showed us the university where he is studying medicine.

Tomorrow we are taking the train back to Krakow for another look at the most beautiful and historic city in Poland.


  1. I love the lace curtains in the elementary school windows!

  2. Those buildings are gorgeous!! Well, you have just convinced me that a trip to Poland is in my future!!

  3. I can't believe your time is almost over already! So awesome that you got to go and see where they live now!