Sunday, September 02, 2007

Moving Day

This weekend was moving day for Helayna, Heather and Jonathan as they left their basement suite in Calgary and moved into a townhouse in Airdrie. They have SOOOOOO much more room! Helayna has her own room now and it took just a little twisting and turning to get her sleigh crib up the stairs and around the corner. There's an office/scrapbook room for Heather and Jonathan. And the master bedroom has a bay window, room for 2 bookshelves, a nook for the dresser and a walk-in closet as well as the bed - lots of space! On the main floor, the kitchen has a dishwasher which will be such a treat, a pantry, a half-bath, a dining room and a living room. The basement is unfinished but has some gyproc up and there's room for a bed for guests (like Gramma and Grampa!).

Jonathan loaded one trailer of boxes and moved them in the afternoon and then that evening 3 of his friends helped him move the furniture so everything was in Airdrie by Friday night. So yesterday we emptied lots of boxes and set stuff up.

Helayna found this- - - -

As soon as she saw it laying on the floor, she headed over and manouvered until she was inside. All she wanted to do was touch the sides and listen to the echoes, I think. It was so cute to watch!

Once she spotted me, she abandoned the box and scooted right over to check out the camera!! And I am sad to say, that those are all the pictures I took :(( I. cannot. believe. it! Not one single picture of anything else. I feel like driving back and taking some more but that will have to wait, I'm afraid. I obviously was busy working and concentrating on my job instead of taking pictures.

We are so happy that Heather and Jonathan will have more room and a place that can be home for their family. We pray that they will settle in, make friends soon and be blessed in this house!


  1. Too cute! I love how she's so curious and wants to check things out. I'm glad you went to help, saw the new place and spent time with them before you leave.

  2. At least you got pictures of the cutest part of the move! Kids are so funny when it comes to boxes, aren't they?

  3. Wow the town house sounds great. All that room :) Helayna is sooo cute. Isn't so funny how they love boxes?

  4. The house sounds great! Yeah!! Everyone needs to have room to move. Really. Fantastic!

  5. Sounds like a great place to call home! Love the adorable photos of Helayna!!

  6. So glad that they have a nice place now. They have moved so much in the last few years it'll be so nice to have the room and stay awhile.