Saturday, September 22, 2007


Just a few random tidbits from our Saturday:

- Tyler took Edward, Linda and Bob to the zoo this afternoon
- he studied in the park while they toured
- Mel and I had a day at home
- went to the market, downloaded pictures, did laundry, baked cookies
- cooking up perogies, mushrooms (fresh picked from the fields) and scrambled eggs for supper
- enjoying more autumn colors and sunshine

Mel says this is all they've seen of me since I arrived in Europe! Not quite - but I have enjoyed taking lots of pictures.

Bob is in heaven - herring heaven, that is! There are so many different kinds on the store shelves that it's really hard for him to make a decision. But along with Edward and Tyler he's taste tested a few.

A tired crew walking home with suitcases and bags from shopping (alot!) in Prague.


  1. From your beautiful smile, we can see you're enjoying this trip! That Charles Bridge is very interesting!
    So busy!!

  2. I'm so glad you've been posting on your blog along the way! It's so awesome to see photos and hear about your travels.
    That herring looks just disgusting but I'm sure dad loves it! :) You'll have to do a layout about that! :)

  3. Amazing pics Crystal! Thanks for the updates while you're away. Safe travels home!

  4. Nice pictures!!! I'm glad their capturing some memories of all we've been doing here.